Leaders at all levels and in all industries are constantly faced with uncertainty, frequent setbacks and new challenges.

It goes without saying that these things add to your stress, can distract you from immediate responsibilities, cause you to fall behind on projects and fail to meet certain goals.  This makes you less effective as a leader.

At Uplevel Studio, we help you create a “resilience mindset” as a leader so you can bounce back from adversity.  You’ll understand how to use challenges to make you stronger and avoid being in a disempowered role.  You’ll wire in new responses to change and disruption and learn specific practices (drawing from mindfulness, neuroscience and somatics) that will help you quickly and easily build resilience.

You will learn how to guide yourself and others through challenging times by recognizing neurobiological responses to stress, understanding how thoughts affect emotions, and using effective coping strategies.  You’ll be able to handle challenges, reduce stress for yourself and others, and strengthen your teams.


Program Outcomes

After taking this course, you'll be able to:

  1. Understand why resilience is critical to your success as a leader
  2. Learn the key elements of the Building Leadership Resilience Model™
  3. Build a “resilience mindset” to make better decisions and solve problems
  4. Identify ways to handle and mitigate the effects of pressure, stress and change
  5. Use emotional intelligence to assess, address and resolve challenging situations
  6. Learn to self-regulate and rewire how you operate to increase your resilience
  7. Assess parts of your life to see where you can make changes to strengthen your resilience


What Actually Changes After the Program

  • You understand how to actively build resilience practices into your life
  • You feel more “in control” of your reactions to challenges, pressure and stress
  • You are more willing facilitate difficult conversations and be authentic in your communication
  • Your overall well-being will improve (including better sleep, health and attitude)
  • You are perceived as a more effective leader by your team, colleagues and management
I now have the tools to build my resilience. When the pressure is on, I can do one of the practices and get refocused so that I don’t snap at someone. That’s invaluable. I know my team is happy I took this course. I want to roll it out to the entire organization now!
— Senior Leader, Adobe

Who It Is For

  • CEOs
  • Leaders at all levels
  • Managers
  • Teams


What's Included

  • Four action-focused modules delivered online or live (webinars, workshop or retreat)
  • Downloadable worksheets, articles and handouts
  • Building Leadership Resilience Action Plan template
  • One 60-minute executive coaching session to integrate material and build an action plan


Next Steps

Schedule a customized strategy session to explore how you can benefit from this program or how you can bring it to your organization.



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