Many leaders think they embody the right strategic leadership principles and overall presence when, in fact, they do not.  It remains a blind spot for most leaders.  

This can negatively impact your credibility, your ability to establish trust and build strong relationships, and how others perceive you as a leader.  You might have a great vision and strategy, but a lack of executive presence can hold you back.

Even though effective leadership presence is intangible, it’s easy to see when someone has it and when they don’t.  And this can affect others’ assessment of you and what you're capable of.  A strong executive presence is absolutely vital for you to get to the next level of performance and results.

At Uplevel Studio, we work with you to be more present with yourself and others so you can actually embody executive presence.  It’s an inside-out approach vs. the typical outside-in approach focusing on techniques.  We use neuroscience and neurobiology to help leaders self-regulate in pressure-filled and stressful situations so they can bring a stronger presence, focus and attention to any situation.


Program Outcomes

After taking this course, you'll be able to:

  1. Learn a new definition of executive presence that goes beyond charisma and confidence to the actual rewiring of your brain and nervous system so you can be more present and effective as a leader
  2. Understand the vital link between presence, credibility and trust through case studies
  3. Experience the Embodying Executive Presence Model™ to guide your daily interactions
  4. Identify the specific indicators of executive presence and how to develop each one
  5. Learn the difference between “trying to have executive presence” v. “fully embodying executive presence”
  6. Build new skills and practices to embody executive presence in challenging situations and changing circumstances
  7. Identify specific examples where you can bring more presence to a situation; understand what “executive presence” looks like in your world as you prepare for a conversation, meeting or presentation
  8. Receive neuroscience research and resources that link mind, body and behavior 


What Actually Changes After the Program

  • You gain a strong sense of executive presence that keeps others focused, accountable and engaged with you
  • You are able to quickly and easily generate trust and credibility with others to build stronger relationships
  • You engender confidence with your teams, colleagues, senior management and other key stakeholders
  • You are seen as a more effective leader that can be developed and promoted within your organization
Executive presence has been on my list for a few years and only until I took this course did I feel I really developed it! The exercises and resources were really powerful to help me shift how I was showing up with others. My meetings with the executive team and key stakeholders have become much more productive.
— Executive Vice President, JDA Software

Who It Is For

  • CEOs
  • Senior leaders
  • Innovators
  • Project managers


What's Included

  • Four action-focused modules delivered online or live (webinars, workshop or retreat)
  • Downloadable worksheets, articles and handouts
  • Embodying Executive Presence Action Plan template
  • One 60-minute executive coaching session to integrate material and build an action plan


Next Steps

Schedule a customized strategy session to explore how you can benefit from this program or how you can bring it to your organization.



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